Everybody just takes one step over…

Jerry Seinfeld expressed a rather cynical point of view about weddings in his old stand-up act.

…The idea behind the tuxedo is the woman’s point of view that men are all the same, so we might as well dress them that way. That’s why a wedding is like the joining together of a beautiful, glowing bride and some guy. The tuxedo is a wedding safety device, created by women because they know that men are undependable. So in case the groom chickens out, everybody just takes one step over, and she marries the next guy.

Who knew he was actually correct?
A groom who turned up drunk to his wedding in India was replaced by his more sober brother


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The Ultimate (self-identified) Victim

Poor Alec Baldwin has taken the time to speak about the suffering endured by the real victim in this tawdry story. The + real + victim = Alec Baldwin.

Everyone’s victim, poor guy.

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And the hits just keep coming

Here’s a blog site which went up in late December, about four months ago, and has already recieved over a million hits. “Wow!” you are no doubt saying to yourself, “Self, that must be an exciting, cutting-edge site with intelligent commenters debating interesting issues…or porn.”
Well, Self, either way you are highly mistaken. Behold the latest shining star in the Internet firmament:

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Prepare to be Humble

Human brain has its origin in the lowly worm


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Jimmy Olsen On-Line Game

Yes, Superman gets all the glory. He gets the wine, women, song, cape. But who ensures that his grand exploits, his heroic deeds, his selfless acts of heroism will be preserved in the annals of newspaperdom? Why, Jimmy Olsen, that’s who. And now, thanks to a link provided by the Mayor of Mitchieville, you too can be Jimmy Olsen. All you need is a finger that can click faster than a speeding bullet, a viewfinder more powerful than a locomotive, and the willingness to play a rather lame interesting game.

Afterewards, you can take this quiz: How Hot are Your Kisses Quiz. Be honest now!
My kisses are only medium hot. That seems to mean that I’m friendly, but not trampy. How about you?lips

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Not a good singer, but the only interesting contestant.

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Hot Warty Love Kills

Global News Alert: Scarborough, UK

The carp were swimming about in the chilly waters of a fishing lake when the weather grew warmer. So they headed for the warmer water in the shallow part of the lake. (Cue scary music). They had no idea of the terror awaiting them. No knowledge of the greenish, brownish, extremely near-sighted or not-at-all-picky, wart covered, excessively horny toads that lurked in the plant life near the shallows. Spring had sprung, and the toads were feeling “amorous”. So they began aggressively courting the poor, innocent carp, refusing to acknowledge that “No” means “No”.

Mr. Heelis, the manager of the lake, described the suffering of the lake fish. He said: “… We have several thousand fish here and maybe a third of them had the toads attached to them. This is unnatural.” Yes. Yes, it is.

Scores of the stressed carp are now dead, victims of “gang-amorousing” by the toads. Apparently they have a plan of attack. One toad will jump onto a carp’s head, clamping tightly and pushing its eyes into its sockets. The other toads will then leap aboard and, in their disgusting, slimy frenzy, cover the fish’s gills and cause it to drown. Suffocated by toads! What a hideous way to go! This is the stuff of nightmares. Apparently the fishermen think so, as well, as they are not braving the shallow side. And who can blame them?

Lake fish killed by “amorous” toads

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