Spider Silk

October 15, 2006 at 1:50 pm Leave a comment

Many human beings, particularly human beings of the female variety, have a strong negative reaction to spiders. They (the spiders) are creepy, scary, and most people think they are ugly. They can sit on a wall or floor, perfectly still, before suddenly scuttling at an innocent bystander (namely you), and they build nasty, sticky webs which cling to your anatomy or clothing should you walk through one. My sister will hunt down spiders with a bottle of Windex, ruthlessly spraying them to death (but a sparkling, shiny clean death). Since Charlotte’s Web was one of my favorite childhood stories, I developed a more lenient attitude. As Charlotte pointed out, without spiders eating as many bugs as they possibly can, human beings would be up to their knee joints in assorted creepy crawlies. So I prefer to live and let live, unless a spider comes too close or threatens to actually touch me in any way, shape or form. Then it must die. I have no sympathy for any spider stupid enough to threaten me with contact.

None of the above ramblings have anything to do with this interesting article about the potential use of spider silk for sewing together torn human ligaments. But a freely flowing stream of consciousness can be cathartic. *whew* Now that it’s out of the way, I recommend that you read the following.
interesting spider silk research



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Aurora Think Tankers link

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