Where does he put it?

September 26, 2006 at 6:46 pm Leave a comment

5’6″, 161 pound Takeru Kobayashi is a voracious human eating machine.  Just last summer he broke his own record at the annual Independence Day hot dog eating contest, consuming 53 3/4 of Nathan’s most Famous in 12 minutes.  He  also became the reigning champion of Krystal’s Square-off World Hamburger Eating Contest after bolting down  67 burgers in 8 minutes. 

Kobayashi isn’t  only a champion munch-meister  in the U.S. He has also won speed-eating contests in Hong Kong, once eating 83 vegetarian dumplings in 8 minutes.  The very next day, when most of us would be moaning in pain in the bathroom or lying prostrate in bed, he entered another contest and ate 100 steamed pork rolls in 12 minutes.

By the way, he can eat anything. You want proof?  He once ate 17.7 pounds of pan-seared cow brains.  I wouldn’t  swallow 17.7 molecules of pan-seared cow brains, and I can actually eat Tuna Helper.  Oh, I don’t like it, but I can do it. Not many people can say that.

That brings us to the World Lobster Roll Eating Challenge, which you probably missed, but which held Boston’s rapt attention last Friday.  Takeru Kobayashi faced four rivals at once.  If they could – altogether- consume more lobster rolls than he, they would win $10,000.  If not, he would pocket the money and ride off into the sunset.  Interesting concept, but ultimately, not a  contest.  While the four, who are mere mortals, were ripping their food into small bits, staggering against the food table, and , as their eyes glazed over, trying desperately not to hurl, Kobayashi sucked down the lobster roll after lobster roll.  He ate 41 rolls against their combined total of 25.  Suckers! 

Kobayashi has only lost one eating contest.  He once competed against a 1089 pound Kodiak bear.  Personally, I think he was  wise to let the bear win.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, I present Kobayashi vs. The Bear.


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