Prostitute Stiffs Customer

September 21, 2006 at 5:41 pm Leave a comment

James Gignac, 64, a Woods County Supervisor, was attending a government convention in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  Far away from  somewhat distant from home, bored out of his skull by the convention, and unaccompanied by spouse lonely, he decided to acquire a bit of female companionship the efficient, time-honored, traditional-government-convention way – by paying for it.

Soon Miss Vangeertruy arrived at his hotel room, and he gave her $200.  She told him she required a condom, and left to get one.  She never came back!

Excuse me for a moment………………………………..All right, I’m finished laughing. Whew!

Anyway, after she had been gone so long that she could have driven to Canada for the condom, Mr. Gignac began to suspect something was amiss.  So he called the cops to complain. “I wanted them to know what was going on in their community,” Gignac said.  And they arrested him! Just for breaking the law!  And probably for being a dumbshit.

La Crosse Tribune – 6.0  

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