They aren’t kidding!

September 18, 2006 at 6:55 pm 3 comments

So this  Australian woman was sitting on a plane bound for Singapore when she experienced a craving for nicotine. Ignoring the fact that she had been informed smoking on the plane is against the law, she scurried to the bathroom to have smoke.  Perhaps she thought that if she sat on the toilet in a hunched position, took small puffs, and tried to dissipate the smoke by waving her free hand quickly about the teeny, tiny room,  no one would notice.

They noticed.

Apparently Singapore has some very strict no-smoking-in-public-places laws, and they take them very seriously.

The plane containing this law-breaker wasn’t even allowed to pull up to the main terminal, but was redirected to a distant parking bay, “causing concern to passengers who feared there was a terrorist threat”.  Ignoring the frightened passenger, a bevy of policemen trotted aboard the plane and arrested the woman.  The 291 passengers who did not smell like tobacco were bused to the main terminal, where they were “screened for security”.

We have no further word on the fate of the illegal smoker.  As far as we know, she is still quaking in her boots at the airport, waiting to be charged with two violations of the Air Navigation Act: smoking in an aircraft and endangering the safety of an aircraft.

Australian woman arrested for smoking on Singapore Airlines

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