A Tale of Underwear and Eggs

July 18, 2006 at 12:49 pm Leave a comment

Australian custom officers do their duty with determination and a strong sense of purpose , which is something that smugglers, especially stupid  moronic  perhaps-somewhat-dimwitted smugglers, should remember.

Wayne Frederick Floyd forgot. Finding himself in possession of six eggs from endangered bird species, and apparently having some awareness that it was illegal to export regulated native specimens without a permit, he devised a cunning plan.  He would hide the six eggs in a sock and put the sock in his underwear. Then he would take himself, his underwear, and the eggs out of the country via a commercial flight.  He thought of this all by himself!

So, socked and stuffed,  he strolled through the Sidney Airport headed for his flight to Bangkok, when something told a custom officer  that this was a man who definitely needing frisking. Perhaps it was the way that Mr. Floyd walked in order to avoid scrambling the eggs in his BVDs.  Perhaps it was the “suspicious bulge around his groin.”

One strip search later, Mr. Floyd suddenly decided to be honest and announced that he was taking the eggs to Bangkok to “surprise his girlfriend.”  Good excuse.  He thought of that all by himself, too.

Man Fined For Smuggling Rare Eggs In His Underwear

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