Jack the Bear-chasing Cat

June 10, 2006 at 4:33 pm Leave a comment

Welcome to West Milford, NJ, where bear sightings are not uncommon.  Luckily for the inhabitants, West Milford is also home to Jack, a 15 pound orange and white feline. He takes a strong dislike to any creature that wanders into his territory.

Jack regulary protects his yard from other pets, squirrels, birds, and various woodland critters who wander by.  Good for Jack!  This story caused me to reflect upon my own cats.  They only protect their territory from landing birds (until they fly away) (the birds, not my cats)  and various hopping or crawling insects that strike them as playthings.  Lazy cowards!

But Jack, the brave and ever-vigilant, protected his territory from a black bear, which he chased up a tree.  He did this not just once, but twice!

Gazing at my own cats, I am reminded of President Lincoln's oft-quoted response to the information that Grant consumed hard liquor.  "What do they feed Jack?"  I wonder.  If I find out, I will buy them a case.

You can go here to read about Jack's exploits.  You can also see a photograph of the bear cowering high in a tree and looking down at a little orange speck of cat sitting triumphantly in the grass below.

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