Plasterer Earns $2,400 (NZ) For Graffiti

June 7, 2006 at 1:47 am Leave a comment

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 Well, folks, it doesn't happen only in America.  People can work the system all over the globe, including New Zealand.

Mr. Daniel Paterson was fired from his job as a plasterer with Visual Coatings.  During his  three month  period of employment he scrawled obscene words on the windows of a client's house while a colleague drew swastikas on the house framings.   He also attempted to use the company's fuel card to fill his own van.  Finally, his employers decided he was a "plonker", and granted him freedom from their payroll.

So Mr. Paterson sued.  And he won.  The Employment Relations Authority awarded him $2,400 for hurt and humiliation.  Though the authority acknowledged that the employer, Mr, Debenham, had issued warnings,  they decided that  Paterson wasn't given "unequivocal warning" that his job was at risk.  Which raises a question in my mind.  How stupid is he?

Mr. Debenham said he could appeal, but it probably wouldn't be worth the time and money.

I just love the word "plonker".  One learns something new every day.


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