Pssst! Buddy! Wanna Buy New Zealand?

May 14, 2006 at 6:14 pm Leave a comment

 New Zealand We regret to inform those of you who wish to purchase your own island in the south Pacific that New Zealand is not actually for sale.

   Any longer.

It seems an enterprising Aussie offered New Zealand for sale on eBay Australia.  The starting offer was just one cent, but bidding did reach $2,330 before eBay realized what was happening and yanked New Zealand off the auction block. Even though eBay Australia realized that the island nation couldn't be traded to the highest bidder, they did note,  ruefully, that 22 bids had been made.  

Apparently there is a strong soccer rivalry between the two countries.  The man attempting to sell New Zealand claimed that it had "very ordinary weather."  They certainly know how to insult each other down under!   

   ABC News: eBay: New Zealand Not for Sale 

Update:  New Zealand's Foreign Affairs Minister, Winston Peters, is not amused.  

"I don't think it's fun. I think that kind of nonsensical stupidity, I'll leave to the tabloid media. "  Sounds grouchy.                                                           

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