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April 24, 2006 at 5:06 pm Leave a comment

The New York Times has been discussing  the possibility that incumbent Mayor C.  Ray  Nagin of New Orleans may not be reelected on May 20.

 I am stunned, absolutely stunned,  to learn this. 

The New York Times also knows the reason.  There is only one. It has nothing to do with the  public's evaluation of his  on-the-job performance, however miserable that was.  It has nothing to do with charges of incompetence or rumors of wide-spread  corruption.  It also has nothing to do with current campaign issues.   The Times makes no reference to any of these topics.

 No, the Times chose to dwell on the one and only determining factor for casting a vote – race.  Mayor Nagin may lose solely because he is black, and white voter turnout is high. And, as we all know, race is the sole reason people vote for a specific candidate.

At the end of the article, Mr. Nossiter commits a drive-by acknowledgement of actual voter sentiments.

That festering anger will not help Mr. Nagin, among whites or blacks. "The incumbent right now, he looks like he's lost the grasp to get this city moving," said Walter Ennis, a black insurance adjuster who said he voted for Mr. Landrieu on Saturday.

 New York Times 

Actually, if either Mayor Nagin or  Governor Blanco  are reelected, Louisiana will have lost much of my sympathy, because that would be. . . oh, how shall I put it?  Oh, yes.  Stupid.


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